Ysoki Mechanic


rube-goldberg-machine.jpg“Ees Greetest Ingineer!”


Itz grew up in a big family like most Ysoki. His mother gave birth to a litter of 5 on the planet Shotoku. Itz and his 4 brothers and sister grew up quickly and gave his mother and father no end of grief. At the age of 10 he and his siblings were threatened with eviction from their home if they did not start making an income. His family functioned as a commune, but those that could not help support the family were left to fend for themselves. Only one child from a previous litter was shunned.

Itz showed a mechanical aptitude at an early age and got a job working for the mines on Shotoku repairing drones and mining machinery. During slow hours he would wander through the mines or tinker with the left over or broken parts.

One day while he was monitoring the drones in the mine, the drones dug into a large unsurveyed cavern. Inside the cavern there was a large centrally located dias and pews encircling the center like an auditorium. Itz scurried through the tunnels to see the room for himself.

He went inside and found strange writting on the walls and on the dias. In the middle of the dias there was a pedastal with the same runic writings. On the top of the pedastal there was a large round plate. Itz stared at the pedastal for a long time trying to determine its purpose. Finally without ceremony he slamed his hand on the plate and discovered it was a button.

The button began to glow red in a steady oscillating pattern, flashing on and off. Itz determined the gravity of the situation. This was a bomb. And, by the granduer of the location it was a doomsday device.

He ran out the mines as fast as he could go. He didn’t clock out or tell his supervisor, a goblin named Muag, that he was leaving. He ran home and began trying to cinvince his family to pack up all of their belongings and leave on the first ship going anywhere. None of them believed him, but he pack the few things he had and ran to Joe’s Freight Hauler anyways. He caught the first ship leaving the planet, The Bright Star bound for Vitellius…

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