Human Solarian


41A76901-4AC9-4838-8E65-9EDC80DFE38D.jpegAn average sized human with short cropped blonde hair and blue eyes, dressed modestly in black robes. There is a fist sized glowing star-blue orb floating next to his head. He speaks softly and seems to be very even tempered. Often observing those around him and adding to discussion in a calm and collected manner. Not prone to reacting emotionally.


Calorenar grew up traveling the systems, as his father was a career soldier. Upon entering his adolescence, Calorenar discovered he had some abilities that those around him did not have. He seemed fascinated by the power of the stars and universe and seemed to be able to channel a fraction of the powers of light and darkness. When he disclosed these powers to his father, he was sent away to study with a Solarian who used to advise his father. If others had discovered his abilities, he would have been cast out and feared. Calorenar got word of his fathers death during his training and decided to travel the stars and experience different cultures and beings in a nomadic way. He always intends to leave a place better than he found it, if possible, and tries to avoid conflict unless necessary. He has no fear of conflict, but believes in solving things diplomatically first. Very loyal to those in his company, but will not engage in actions that break his moral code.

Calorenar’s ship’s log 0101
Calorenar’s log episode 2


The Brightstar Calorenar