The Brightstar:
The Brightstar

Current Crew:
Calorenar, Ego, Jabawok, Mr Whiskers, Theamos

Past Crew:
Captain Orion Tucker,
Krawg, Varik, BR1C3,
Ashley Brannagin XL Jr., Frenzel, Hector

Episode 1:
“The Crew Is Dead, Long Live The Crew”

After a mysterious sequence of events culminates in the death of the entire crew, five passengers awaken on the Brightstar. Soon they realize that a failing life support system is the least of their worries.

Episode 2:
“Return Of The Ego”

Eight days later, as the stranger Jack is leaving, the fledgling crew of the Brightstar is surprised by the return of Ego and Krawg from the dead. Who, or what, else is hiding on the ship.

Episode 3:
“They’re Here…”

Having narrowly escaped conversion at the hands of the Dread, and arrest by the Pact World Stewards, the Brightstar has mysteriously arrived on the surface of Vitellius. How did they get here? And is this lush planet, and the Free Republic, the haven they expect?

Episode 4:
“Brighter Days”

In the aftermath of the battle with The Dread Cyberlich, the crew has been busy helping rebuild New Costa Dorada. But what new dangers hide in the shadows? …And how many hotdogs will Snarf scarf down?

Episode 5
“The Council”
0Y/0M/17D – 0Y/1M/4D

In the fall out from the uncovered gruesome Reptoid conspiracy, the Ysoki miners are now in a stand off with the original owner of the Vitellian Salt Mining Facility and the local authorities. Tensions are high. Fear and paranoia are running rampant in this once peaceful town…

Episode 6

Following the events that transpired at the Phoenix Nebula, the crew of the Brightstar has found themselves in an alternate dimension. With out access to the drift, or a clear way home, they must find their way in this new and strange place. A Universe nearing the end of it’s life span. A darker galaxy than they knew before Full of Red Dwarf Stars, Blackholes, and other strange phenomenon.

Episode 7
“The Catacombs”

Having had their first run in with the Shadows of the Dying Light, the crew of the Brightstar has found themselves lost in the ancient catacombs below the capital city on Glipsom 8. Can they survive the ancient and dark horrors that dwell there…

Episode 8
The Lost Colony Of Draksia

The Brightstar

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